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In this site you will find information about our project, our researchers, recent activities, and products that may aid you in your process of building an inter or transdisciplinary research team. Formed by a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds and individual skills, our research team was formed in 2014 during two workshops held in Guatemala and Panama by the Interamerican Institute for Global Change Research. Our main objective as a group is to provide integrated answers to questions derived from the field of Science of Team Science and improve the action capacity of research groups in terms of improving policy and socio-ecological changes outcomes of scientific research. At the same time, we aim to learn from our own team work and improve our own team dynamics through our research, generating a fun, trustful, effective and efficient work platform to obtain the best results possible in terms of process driven specific outcomes.

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Montevideo Workshop.

During this workshop the TERAA Team got together in Montevideo Uruguay to process the first results of the TERAA Survey and advance in the definition of next steps of data gathering. Browse the Montevideo workshop section.