Research field visit – Area Natural Protegida Laguna Garzón.

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During the Montevideo workshop the team went on a field trip to Area Natural Protegida Laguna Garzón situated in the eastern Department of Maldonado. The objective of the area is to conserve one of the most significant coastal lagoons of Uruguay in terms of biodiversity and lanscape. The area faces several socio-ecological challenges associated to urban development and real-state market that threat conservation objectives. We were received by Lic. Mariana Ruibal and Lic. Ana Lía Ciganda, two researchers from Universidad de la República who worked in the area and guided us through the fieldtrip explaining the socio-ecological characteristics of the area and introduced the challenges ahead for its effective management.

Agenda for TERAA Field Trip

Existing research on Laguna Garzón as a protected area (link)